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In an era characterized by the exciting potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, a revolution is imminent that will permeate numerous industries. Our blog, a new perspective, covers assessments, new solutions, products and recommendations.


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Crypto Market Capitalization Outlook 2024, 2nd Half
Crypto market cap 2024 Bitcoin exceeded $73,000 per Bitcoin for the first time in March 2024 (March 14, 2024: $73,750.07 per Bitcoin). But how sustainable is this increase? The...
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Position brands more profitably with AI and blockchain
Through the steps of data optimization, blockchain integration, smart contract usage, AI-based customer interaction and loyalty program tokenization, you can make your brand not only more profitable, ...
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Prototyp Drone beim Laden
Recommendation Extreme UHS memory cards
We have been relying on SD memory cards for these demanding applications for many years and demand outstanding performance and quality. After numerous product tests and evaluations, we...
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Energie Haus, Balkonkraftwerke
Recommendation: Balcony power plants up to 900 W
Balcony power plants up to 900 W. Not every household has the opportunity to have a solar system on the roof or...
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Sustainable living with your own energy supply: Energy House
Energy House Study, Year 10. The challenge of making our energy consumption more sustainable is at the heart of how we live today. In this concept study we present an innovative...
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AI in product development
Visualization AI LAURA. In an era in which there are hardly any large budgets available for the design of products and business models, artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining central importance....
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