Recommendation: Balcony power plants up to 900 W

Not every household has the opportunity to set up a solar system on the roof or in the garden. Balcony power plants offer an excellent opportunity to generate additional energy and can be installed without the help of craftsmen. Balcony power plants are a cost-effective and user-friendly way to generate renewable energy and reduce electricity bills. Here we present three balcony power plants that we found particularly positive, as well as basic information about balcony power plants.

Basic information about balcony power plants
To counteract rising electricity costs, using a balcony power plant is an effective solution. By generating self-produced electricity from a photovoltaic system, households can reduce their energy costs independently of external consumers. With a maximum of 600 watts, the plug-in solar systems produce less energy than large-scale PV solutions on roofs or fields, but they are available for around 500 euros and can be put into operation yourself.


A balcony offers enough space for two to four PV modules and an inverter. For effective use, a location with as much sunlight as possible is required. A specialist electrical company is not absolutely necessary for the installation. If you have some manual skills and minimal basic knowledge of electronics, you can order the compact systems in the online shop and then set them up and put them into operation yourself. This is definitely allowed. The small systems with one to four panels do not require much space. The electricity is generated using two or more solar modules and an inverter. This is then connected directly to the house power network. Although it makes sense to have a Wieland socket installed by a specialist, it is neither mandatory nor absolutely necessary and the systems can therefore be easily connected to a conventional external socket using a Schuko-plug.

Our top 3 balcony power plants for 2024
We compared the performance data, manufacturer warranties and costs from numerous tests to determine which mini PV system is best suited. The costs of small photovoltaic systems with a feed-in of 600 watts have been paid off after around two years due to the high electricity prices. At the beginning of 2023, a 600-watt system without brackets cost over 600 euros, but complete sets with 800-watt inverters and accessories are now available for around 500 euros. This year the maximum feed-in is also expected to increase to 800 watts. With a balcony power plant (BKW), the electricity generated should ideally be used immediately, as feed-in tariffs into the public grid are only available in rare cases. Since VAT has no longer had to be paid for PV systems up to 30 kilowatt peak (kWp) since January 2023 and the delivery situation has eased, prices in 2024 will be significantly cheaper than last year. However, our experience from the tests shows that systems sometimes differ greatly in terms of performance, reliability and ease of use. In this list of the best, we show which balcony power plants without storage function reliably in practice and which have caught our attention.

Solakon® 880W
The Solakon® 880W balcony power plant impresses with its use of bifacial solar modules that can use both direct sunlight and reflected light. This increases efficiency, even in winter conditions. The clear instructions and simple structure make installation possible even without in-depth knowledge of solar technology. With a 5 meter cable length, it offers flexibility in the placement and orientation of the solar modules. Particularly noteworthy is the possibility of a software upgrade, so that the balcony power plant is future-proof.

Solarway® 870W
The Solarway® 870W balcony power plant is characterized by very stable production. However, installation can be challenging because the included cable connections between the solar panels are too short. Putting the app into operation is difficult without a hotline, and the enclosed instructions are in English. German instructions are only available online. Nevertheless, this balcony power plant offers a solid offering with good yields.

The ABL® SOLAR balcony power plant 830W is characterized by its easy installation. The module cables are easily connected to the inverter and the wiring is done quickly and without the use of tools. The performance corresponds to the values of the Solarway installation, with the very light construction being particularly noteworthy.

As expected, electricity prices in Germany will continue to rise. If you want to save money, you should look into producing your own electricity. Balcony power plants can be set up in small areas, they are cheap, easy to install and reduce electricity costs. In summary, we unreservedly recommend the Solakon® 880W balcony power plant. It offers outstanding performance, can be set up without external support, and setup is self-explanatory thanks to the well-designed app. Through software updates, a seamless transition to a power supply of 800W instead of 600W is possible.


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