AI in product development


Visualization AI LAURA

In an era in which there are hardly any large budgets available for the design of products and business models, artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining central importance. As your reliable partner in the provision of trained AI, we aim to continuously provide improved process and method chains. Our focus is on continuously providing access to innovative and powerful AI. At the same time, with LAURA we offer tailor-made AI solutions to successfully tackle challenging development problems right from the start. We always ensure that the costs for prototype development remain within limits and are managed effectively.


Today, artificial intelligence offers numerous innovations. However, thorough analysis and segmentation are required to generate sustainable benefits for AI in product development. By working with us, you can ensure that the integration of AI into your product development is not only future-oriented, but also creates noticeable added value. We convey the crucial factors and approaches that are necessary to successfully develop products of the future with the help of LAURA.


The continuous integration of artificial intelligence into the development process not only enables us to overcome current challenges, but also lays the foundation for future innovations. Our overarching goal is not only to contribute to the current discussion with our expertise in the area of artificial intelligence and product development, but also to offer concrete recommendations for the use of LAURA.

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